Property Insurance Claims Consulting

Property Insurance Claims  Consulting


If you are a building owner, developer, or contractor: Are you experiencing difficulties in delivering your building/construction failure claims? Is the insurance policy is too confusing? Or if you are an insurance company: Are you involved in a construction dispute and looking for a seasoned geotechnical expert to provide guidance?

Geoforensik Manggala Pratama provides assistance to individuals and companies in dealing with their insurance companies on claims, as well as Insurance Companies in need of a testimony from geotechnical expert. We provide assistance in determining the cause and the outcome of the surfacing issue.

If you are The Insured: We will work with you and your insurance company to coordinate insurance payouts and bring the matter to a resolution.

If you are The Insurer: As a Geotechnical Expert, we will give you a causation analysis to help you determine whether it's appropriate or not to grant the payouts.

You can find a range of services that we offer below:

  • Insurance Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Claim Consulting
  • Defect Causation Analysis
  • Standard of Care Analysis
  • SNI, Building Code and Other Regulatory Compliance Review
  • On-Site Investigations