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Construction/Building Failure Analysis & Reporting

Construction/Building Failure Analysis & Reporting

Our team provides the best geotechnical failure analysis. Through the use of controlled and documented analytical and investigative techniques, we are able to identify, collect, and examine geotechnical system failure and preserve any evidence related to the failure - all while photo documenting the project. Our 30+ years of experience in geotechnical engineering allows us to get our clients to a resolution while offering comfort and support.


Geotechnical failure or structural failure can be caused by poor workmanship, inadequate design, product/material defects, products reaching the end of their life cycle, or the combinations of any causes that is stated before. These failures can result in seepage problem, angular distortion, huge settlement, structural damage, and other serious problems. The failures are often complicated and difficult to assess.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to assess the cause of a building's failure condition. We work with experts from any fields, such as the following:

  • Structural Experts
  • Geotechnical Experts
  • Soil mechanics laboratories
  • Concrete performance laboratories
  • ...etc.

If furtherly needed, we will also coordinate and work with contractors, insurance companies, and attorneys to complement our failure analysis & reporting.



GMP believes that best practice starts from a well-thought plan; which shall be furtherly divided into a detailed breakdown, step by step. Our typical processes involves the following:

  • Initial interview with you to define preliminary issues.
  • Document As-Is Conditions.
  • Review Construction Documentation.
  • Establish a Timeline of the Building Process.
  • Limited initial sample testing – We take apart and analyze the damaged area layer by layer.
  • We photograph and document our findings, in detail, to preserve a compelling record of the original conditions surrounding a defect.
  • While disassembling the area in question, we watch for any design or construction defects that may be part of the underlying cause.