Pemkot Palembang Deadline Three Months

Pemkot Palembang Deadline  Three Months

Palembang City Government immediately took a firm step by giving time for 3 months to the management to immediately fix the environmental damage due to the construction of a Hotel located at Jalan Letkol Iskandar Kelurahan 15 Ilir, East Ilir District (IT) I.

Secretary of the Region (Sekda) Harobin Mustopa, said it immediately followed up the recommendation of DPRD Palembang as stated in the letter with number 170/462 / DPRD / 2017 dated July 18, 2017.

He said that based on the results of the inspection, on Tuesday (19/7), together with Satpol PP, Public Works Department, Head of Sub-District, Head of Lurah and other related offices, it was true that many were found damaged by the Hotel's construction process.

"Based on the instructions of the Mayor of Palembang, all environmental damage such as, Road damaged, drainage blockage and other damage should be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. At the latest 3 months all this damage must be done, there is no other reason, "he said.

Former Assistant I Setda of Palembang is to explain the number of environmental damage due to the construction of the Hotel including damage also Police Station and building beside him.

He explained, the management has admitted his mistake in doing the development, one of the mistake is to install the groud iron crank into the ground. Although it is prohibited.

"He has admitted his mistake. Road Damage and others are due to the grouding of anchour grouding iron that goes everywhere, it is a violation. Head Legal Group has agreed to be responsible for damages including, roads, drainage, and police posts, "he said.

He asserted, if within 3 months has not been completed as well. So, it does not hesitate to stop and close all this development process temporarily.

"Now we give them a chance to fix all the damage. Please help Palembang City Government, not to violate and violate the rules, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Supervisor of the Group, said it is ready to run all the instructions issued by the City Government of Palembang, related to various damages that occurred.

"We were given 3 months to fix everything," he said briefly.
Meanwhile, Manggala Assessing Expert International Affiliate Member of NAFE, USA ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, Chaidir Anwar Makarim, Ph.D., FCBArb said the case that occurred in the hotel building on the road Lt. Col. Iskandar is a common case not a special case or unique only due to lack of accuracy in the planning and errors in the implementation because buildings using anchors entering other peoples land should pay attention to the amdal permit as set forth in Law Number 32 Year 2009 and Government Regulation Number 27 Year 2012 regarding environmental permit.

With a lack of careful planning and poor implementation of soft soil conditions, the damage impacts the surrounding area. "This is a general case of nothing unique and often happens in every development", Chaidir Anwar said on Wednesday (19/07).

He explained that as a proof of the land is soft, the buildings around it use a temporary pole of the hotel development. With this road kerusajan should refer to the Law of Construction Number 18 Year 1999 about the environment. Planned arranged by having to memikiki certificate of expertise. as there is something wrong in the development ", he said.

Chaidir Anwar added, with the existence of this problem should Palembang City Government should have memiliko team of experts who examine the building on the 8th floor. The carelessness of this development is also seen when casting drill poles that have been porous but basement development still continues until the next floor. "Supposed when the construction of basement development must be stopped temporarily, tidied up all new damages.development of roads again ", he added. (my)