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In 2004, Chaidir Anwar Makarim, through more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering (especially geotechnical) and high morale, founded the first forensic consultant company in Jakarta, Indonesia. At first Chaidir dealt with the problem of losses caused by the limitations of technical knowledge as Expert Assessors. Along with the growing demand for forensics, clients also asked him to become a Technical Expert Witness at a civil trial at the District Court. In 2012, Chaidir Makarim was officially permitted to practice professionally in BANI (National Arbitration Board of Indonesia) as Mediator and Arbitrator. Chaidir is also active in the field of public education in distributing knowledge-based studies of the impact of construction damage through universities, seminars, workshops and papers at various national and international Experts Association.

Since its establishment, PT. Geoforensic Manggala Pratama has filled the needs of the global construction industry in the field of forensic engineering, both national and international; with / without the involvement of national and international experts. We are always committed to implementing a high quality research / testing system. PT. Geoforensic Manggala Pratama will assist clients at the most critical stage after the loss.

Currently our clients are made up of individuals or companies from various fields and backgrounds such as law, insurance, construction, employers, government, and others. The growth of our company is the result of our commitment to quality and our persistent efforts in developing knowledge and technical work.