in 2004, Chaidir Anwar Makarim, with 30 years of civil engineering experience (especially geotechnical engineering) and an entrepreneurial spirit, founded the first forensic geotechnical consulting company in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the beginning, Chaidir handled engineering problems that has resulted great losses as a geotechnical expert.  As demands in the forensic expertise grew, many clients also requested Chaidir to testify on trials of civil case at State Court as an Expert Witness. In 2012, Chaidir was professionally assigned as Mediator & Arbitrator in "Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (BANI)" - The National Arbitration Agency of Indonesia. Since 1989, Chaidir had also contributed & provided engineering knowledges based on his study and research through university classes, seminars, workshops, and many papers in national/international civil engineering association.

Today, PT. Geoforensik Manggala Pratama has filled the forensic engineering needs of the global construction industry in any scales (national/international), whether independently or with the involvement of other experts.  Our people have always been committed to carry out research/testing in the highest qualityWe will guard our clients in the most crisis phase after a loss has occured.

Currently our clients consist of individuals or companies that come from various fields and backgrounds such as legal/law, insurance, construction, manufacturing, government, and many more. Our growth results directly from our commitment in quality while persistantly expanding engineering knowledges and services.